Our Team Members

Here are our core team members involved in your project.

Please click a photo to learn more, and refer to our full TEAM page for additional members.


Jeff Rayner


Jeff represents your interests, ensures our teams are happy and expectations are exceeded.


Nathan Negreiro

Lead Developer

Nate makes the magic work by bringing the work of the entire team into the end solution


Greg Walsh

Chief Story Teller

Greg's role is to retell your story in a new and enchanting way, using the latest XR has to offer.


Brandae Grein

Project Manager

Brandae is our glue that holds us all together and and helps align our efforts with your goals.


Nelson Reid

Lead 3D Tech Artist

Nelson and his ARt team oversee all 3D models, environments and CG assets for use in our AR, VR and MR solutions.

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