Greg Walsh

Chief Story Teller

Greg has worked with MXTreality for 3 years and his role is to fully understand your story, then retell it in a new and enchanting way, using the latest XR technology has to offer.
Greg is semi-retired and works part time with us on passion projects.


· Meets with customer to fully understand messaging, story, and end-user goals
· Details special requirements to team
· Works closely with PM and client PM to ensure quality and accurate story telling


BA in Bachelor of Arts - English/Film/Journalism
University of Washington
1977 – 1982


Experienced leader of creative teams with a demonstrated history of working in XR, film and game industry. Skilled Screenwriter & Storyteller, Brand Marketing Communications Consultant, Book Designer, Director, Documentary Filmmaker/Cinematography, Editor/Soundtrack Designer, and Abstract Artist and Musician. Author, designer and publisher of more than a dozen books including Whole Brain Power (Amazon), and GW's Easy Number Memory System among many others.


· StoryTelling Advisor to MXT for 3 years
· Led story telling of over 30 XR solutions
· Deep empathy and interest with #tech4good