Jeff Rayner


Jeff represents your interests, ensures our joint goals are clearly identified, our approach is on time, our teams are happy and expectations are exceeded.


· Oversees team happiness and customer satisfaction
· Ensures quality meets company brand standards
· Ensures goals, objectives and happiness are exceeded


BSc Physics (Leeds University, UK)

OCR French, OCR Spanish, OCR Italian (London, UK)

BSc Astrophysics (University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France)


Jeff lives and breathes XR.
He has taken courses in Unity, Unreal, VR development, AR development, WebAR, and more. He is a self described jack of all XR, yet knows when to utilize the superior brains of the rest of the team.


· Co-founder of company
· Overseen production of over 100 solutions over 5+ years
· Plays with every solution we build
· Integrates our solutions with leading tech hardware and software partners