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Some say VR was built for gaming, we say gaming was built for VR!

VR and AR bring a whole set of new dimensions to gaming, in turn making it enjoyable for participants and onlookers alike


Let us take you places you've never been and do things you'll never do!

We can resurrect helicopters that haven't flown in 50 years, take you bungee jumping off the Space Needle, wingsuit off of Mount Rainier, and take you to Mars...

Where shall we go next?


Gaming is fun, yet gaming with friends is how it should be.

We gamify the real world (and some worlds that don't exist) to give you superpowers (like flying, x-ray vision, super strength, etc) and put you with friends, colleagues and even strangers to solve puzzles, collaborate and enjoy the wonders of VR.

Labs lab mirror.gif

Grab a friend and come with us to the red planet, explore the caverns of Giza, explore the Titanic, drive cross country in a LandRover, or paint a moustache on each other.  Whatever your heart desires or your brain imagines, we can create it together.



to put you in the picture!

What better way to immortalize a visit to that amazing landmark than to receive a custom photo animation of your experience.

We offer everything from real-time photo manipulation and effects, to near real time photo video animations sent to your customers devices.

If you'd like to see what the Seattle bungee jump experience is like, take a trip to the Space Needle as StratosVR is free with entry. 

Or if you'd like to see someone experience it from afar click here


AR, VR, and MR can be applied to any entertainment experience to create lasting impressions by creating memorable and shareable moments.


Let's chat about how we can bring your experience to the next level.  

For more information, please contact us here

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