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Holograms are Here...

Holograms are virtual images that appear as 2D or 3D representations in our world.


 Holograms composition:
1) The source object
2) The viewing mechanism
3) The output image (hologram)

Here at MXT, we use holographic technologies as a way to experience our unique 3D training and entertainment solutions

Does MXT offer Holographic Solutions?


We're excited to announce that we've expanded our partner network to include holograms as part of our offerings.  While holograms are more catered to high-end requirements, there are some lower-cost options. 


Read on and keep an eye on this area as it's going to be huge this year!

How can we see Holograms?

These are 4 technologies behind the ways to view holograms

CES - proto hologram jr.png


There are two main screen types of holographic screen; lenticular and transparent.

Screens can offer the most accurate holographic representations

ces erick in xr elite vive.jpg


Augmented (AR) and Mixed (MR) Reality headsets offer the most complete experience, yet require special glasses or goggles

hypervsn lady hologram.png


Fans offer the most flexibility in regards to content and size.

Content can be interactive and viewing size up to 20 ft high.

ces xorbis hologram erick.jpg


Akin to the magic, these solutions require a medium like glass, gas, or water droplets to display the image.

Temporary installations at high profile events

How can we use Holograms?

We create experiences that attract new visitors, engage in a deeper way with current visitors, all while increasing their education and expanding their memories... things that will make them want to share their visit on social media.




Ken Griffey Jr hologram (Custom).png

A huge 20foot hologram created could greet fans as they enter the stadium, and give them a welcome to remember.

Imagine walking in through the main doors and you are presented with a 20 ft holographic video of KGJ (or similar baseball icon) saying hello and telling you where to go - or even better, something relevant to today's game. 


Content is updated for every game.

Live experiences a possibilty.




Imagine two players, one pitcher, the other a hitter, at either side of a walkway.

Fans would need to walk through the space, and yet really feel that these players are with them as they talk, throw, and hit, a virtual ball.

Holograms can be strategically timed to tell a story, with ideas and concepts bouncing between them.  Holograms don't need to be people, they could be stadiums, text, objects, videos, or a combination thereof.


Every few minutes, the loop would change and the ball would hit the screen and crack it (from thrower and hitters side) - mildly scaring the fans nearby.

We could also recreate a special moment in sporting history, and retell the story through multiple screens, with the addition of 3D models, and CGI effects


Smaller screens could be strategically placed to make it look like the ball is traveling in certain directions and being diverted off of these screens, making it very watchable by an even larger audience.




By integrating our ability to create interactive 3D models and touch screen or body tracking, fans will be able to interact with a virtual stadium

Multi-fan systems (or screens) could be used to showcase interesting 3D models like this stadium.  Users could interact with it, either by touching the screen directly or using a tablet on a stantion with out interactice software


Could show key locations, biggest hit paths, and more.


This could work on fans or screen based holograms

A demonstration of our driver training modules using a holographic touch screen.

Vehicle customization using a screen wirelessly attached to a hologram of a car, which is rotating and showing instant updates based on the user's input. 




Wouldn't it be amazing if fans could interact with their idols?

We can create a "magic window" where a series of preset experiences are recorded and built into a tablet that a hidden user could press to have fun with the passing fans. 

A view from an AR hologram story that allows users to use their own phones, wear headsets, or could be integrated into the fan or screen versions too




Leveraging our 3D and AR knowledge, together with prior Snap Filters (over 400M views), users could be manipulated in real-time to wear any kind of historic kit or memorabilia or interact with objects that tell stories

A view from an AR hologram story that allows users to use their own phones, wear headsets, or could be integrated into the fan or screen versions too


Offer players a customized experience that also gives them a memento, whether that be an image/video, printout, images displayed on the stadium large fancam screen, and/or simply send details to their socials

Content could be adjusted for events, every week, or even game


Players would potentially be able to download the MLB app and try on their devices too.




Make it look like a simple statue in a case, yet as fans pass by, it becomes apparent that it is an interactive hologram.  have it have some fun with the fans passing by... by brightening their day

"Nice shoes"

"Glad to see you are wearing the proper kit"

"Great smile"

An example plaque that speaks, could easily be adapted for a complete 3D animated statue




As you may have realized, most holograms today are not really 3D, they are 2D representations of 3D objects, which by careful movement and animations give the illusion of 3D.

A unique MXT prototype that works in conjuction with most holgram hardware to allow customized experiences that are truly 3D. 

MXT are in the development phase of creating the next generation of holographic experiences, as demonstrated in this working prototype. 


Our next-gen software can work in combination with the holographic hardware to create truly custom experiences that adapt based on the users perspective, which in turn make these unique 3D experiences.

Watch this space, or contact us to be at the forefront of this exciting technology.

If you want more info,
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