Wouldn't it be good if tech could support those who need it the most? 

We've listened to the underserved and discovered benefits for all.  Consequently, every experience we craft attempts to incorporate our learnings and maximize end-user's potential to engage, irrespective of disability, device, location, or educational background

Recent work includes virtual escapes for those with Multiple Sclerosis, virtual tourism for those with ALS, maze puzzles for those with brain injuries, a wheelchair training simulator for children with Spinal Cord Injuries, and much more.   


Where can we leverage our knowledge for the betterment of others?


What is our message and who/how does it impact them?


How can our solutions be used by everyone, of any race, gender, disability or device?


We are prolifically learning, constantly growing, and always have an open ear for your wisdom

We've also created the first Medical XR Think Tank:

• Meets every third Tuesday of the Month at 2 PM (PST)

• Discuss medical XR implementations in the market

• Listens and discusses with featured speaker(s) 

• Collaborate to shape the future of Medical XR

For the VRAR Global Summit, we discussed the future potential of virtual rehab

For more information visit the Medical XR Think Tank page HERE

To Request to join email us at with a statement of purpose, your Linkedin, and area of expertise. 
To attend as a guest speaker, email us at with your discussion topic and Linkedin.



Every month, we dedicate time to collectively work on something socially beneficial

#tech4good #tech4humanity




By including TECH from the outset, we are collectively attempting to redefine education - virtually immersively.

Multi-device solutions for immersive education

Kids studying from home is tough, so how do we adapt to learning in this new world?

We are creating apps, experiences, and solutions that bring educational approaches into the 21st century.

January kicks off with a bang as we start our development for a customizable XR experience that adapts to the needs of neurodiverse learners.

Using eye tracking, body tracking, and feedback systems we will determine what's needed for attentive learning and contrast with distractors and disengaging media.

You can read more about this project here.

3 RECENT #tech4good PROJECTS

• AWE = Accessible Wheelchair Experience

• Homelessness app & museum exhibit

• Multi-sensory XR skyride (smell, touch, sound, color) 


Wheelchair training simulator to teach and practice safer more informed driving


We've built mobile phone apps that help monitor brain injury recovery, physical therapy virtual reality movement trackers, and family-friendly interactive displays for museums and exhibits 

Kids interact with touch screens and iPads at our homelessness exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle


  • Simultaneous Play

  • Synchronous Immersion 

  • Wheel Chair VR angle adjuster

  • Mobile Hands-free locomotion

  • Brain based EEG movement 

  • Foot Controllers

  • Virtual shoes

  • Ultra haptic sensors

  • Xbox Controllers

  • Adaptive Controllers


  • Smells Development

  • Wheel chair emulator

  • Blind emulator

  • Deafness emulator

  • Vision issue emulator

  • Knee Replacement VR & AR

  • Brain Cancer AR

  • Science AR

Custom solutions for Special Olympics Event at PacSci


  • Seattle Farm School

  • Blind White Cane Trainer

  • Heart museum VR and AR

  • Special Olympics Event

  • Solving Homelessness AR App

  • Pac Sci Block by Block Exhibit

  • Science Center AR

  • MazeWalkVR

  • Systems Modeling

  • Wheelchair Training Simulator

10 examples of collaborative efforts on social good:

  • The Block Project

  • Seattle Farm School

  • Special Olympics Event

  • Pac Sci Homeless Exhibit

  • Mobile Hands-free locomotion

  • MazeWalkVR

  • ALS experiences

  • Foot Controllers

  • Smells Development

  • Virtual Wheelchair Training

AR app to help educate around homelessness

If you'd like to get involved in our social projects, or just want to learn more... 

         3200 1st Ave South, STE 300, SEATTLE, WA 98134 | Tel: 1-844-697-2333

         The Courtyard, 4 Evelyn Road, London, W4 5JL | Tel: +44 203-633-5450 

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