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MDRSVR Update: Optimized and Enhanced Environment

Building a VR experience requires optimization for the computer and headset of the user. As we intend on sharing this experience with the world, we need to carefully optimize wherever we can so that as many people around the world are able to enjoy it.

We've therefore moved away from the photogrammetry models because they are:

  • static in nature [meaning we can't open doors, interact with objects, etc],

  • 3D holes in the photogrammetry model requires too much work

  • textures and polycounts are too high and require too much optimization

  • photogrammetry lets the computer decide what the shapes, edges, and textures are

  • light and shadows are baked into textures and surfaces, meaning that shadows don't change irrespective of light source

All that said and done, we are glad to show you a first glimpse of how MDRS is looking

This image shows our first attempt (v1) of the terrain and buildings. They are constructed using the photogrammetry imagery to build the 3D models

This image shows the optimized landscape (v2) that is much larger, easier to adjust, and highly optimized. You'll also note the first versions of the newly constructed MDRS, also optimzed for VR and built from the ground up.

Stay tuned, as this is in active develpment

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