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Who wants to go to Mars?

We are excited to announce that we have a plan to get you to Mars; safely, securely, and from the seat you are probably sitting in right now!

We've partnered with the Mars Society on a project called MarsVR.

Our mission serves these goals:

1) Create a virtual Mars that brings the latest NASA 2D & 360 imagery into a mind blowing 3D environment

2) Something for Everyone - Create immersive scenarios for astronauts, school kids, university researchers, museum goers, and the public via a steam download

3) Gamify the Science - we intend on creating virtual training scenarios that can be used for seriously training astronauts, as well as making a fun learning experience for a museum near you, or mini-games modules for steam download that can also be used in schools

4) Make learning fun - our experience will be based on facts, and be "engineering-grade", this means this is not science fiction, it is science-fact. Everything we create, will be as true to a real world experience as possible

5) Latest Tech - we also aim to integrate with the latest and greatest tech for a truly memorable experience for all. This includes haptic body suits to help you feel things (Teslasuit and bHaptics), virtual smells for deep immersion(hapticsol), omnidirectional treadmills (infinadeck), driving motion simulators for the rover (yawvr), and so much more

Come support us today

Indiegogo campaign =

Intro Video = You gotta see this! (our video guy Greg Walsh, did such an amazing job!)

Documentary Video = for a deeper look into what we are trying to create

Support our idea, support the exploration of Mars, and let's

"Learn the Science and Live the Journey"


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