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MarsVR Update: We'll see you on Mars - Very Soon!

We recently finished our Indiegogo campaign and it was a resounding success exceeding all our goals, with over 200 backers and raising over $100k.

Because of this success, we will now be creating 3 #MarsVR modules




More details on these modules below

MODULE 1 - MDRS360 - Utilizing all of the 360 images captured from the MDRS 360 scans, we will create a single unified experience allowing anyone on any device to tour the facility

MODULE 2 - MDRSVR - The dream of the Mars Society was to allow everyone access to experience the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), and we will make this a possibility for free to everyone. Based on the Society's requirements, we will also create several training sub-modules, so users can experience virtual versions of the training performed in the Utah desert. This module is designed as an educational unit, especially for those who are interested in the MDRS analogue base, including students, researchers, future MDRS visitors, and astronaut hopefuls.

MODULE 3 - MarsVR - A new concept will be to create a first generation prototype that leverages the latest data from the Mars Orbiters and Rovers to recreate a portion of the Martian landscape. Users will be able to drive a rover over the surface, or pilot a virtual Ingenuity and fly around and explore the wonders of the red planet. This module is designed to be a fun experimental experience that we can leverage advanced peripherals to increase engagement for all. Custom integrations include the virtual smells of HapticSol, motion simulators YawVR, full body haptics with Teslasuit, new movement options including cybershoes, 3D rudder, and the Infinadeck.

Watch over the coming months for many more updates!

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