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It's an amazing time to be in the XR world, I don't think I've ever seen such a major line-up of announcements.

For your calendars mark the following dates #VR #AR #MR :

Sep 30th - NReal Glasses (new headset) LINK

Oct 7th - New Lynx Headset hits Kickstarter LINK

Oct 11th - Magic Leap 2 announced LINK

Oct 14th - HTC VIVE FLOW (new headset?) LINK

Oct 21st - VARJO (new headset?) LINK

Oct 25th - Pimax (new headset?) LINK

Oct 28th - Oculus Connect (new headset?) LINK

Exciting times.

Click the links above, and a few teaser (inc leaked) images below

The new #AR glasses from nreal

A sneak peak at the Lynx-R #XR headset

A glimpse into the new #MR headset from Magic Leap - the ML2?

A leaked image of the Vive Flow? Is this a new generation of headset? A much awaited consumer version?

A leaked image of the new Oculus controllers? Are these for the supposed Oculus Pro?

A glimpse at the new Varjo #XR headset (is this the XR-4?)

Pimax teaser image

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