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We've Heard You! Project: Swedish XR Becomes 3 VR Experiences!

We’re back to discuss Project: Swedish XR!

The contents of the experience are coming to form thanks to all the folks who participated in our surveys.

Development of Project: Swedish XR began with a vision of three potential experiences. These experiences were art, adventure, and relaxation. While we had general ideas for these experiences we let participants and users choose where they would go.

We asked folks where they would go to relax and what they might hear and see while they are there. And they responded below:

And they responded with mountains, rainforests, and beaches. Hearing the sounds of howling winds, chirping birds, and crashing waves. Seeing ambient movements of trees in the wind, running water, and animals.

We asked what adventure activities they would like to do.

And they responded with wingsuit flight, space exploration, river kayaking, and diving.

And we asked how they would like to engage with art in VR.

And they responded with painting, drawing, and sculpture.

And now it’s our turn to respond. Stay tuned to our socials or subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

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