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MXT Solution in the News: VR escapes for MS

We love hearing from our clients, we love using #tech4good.

Yet when we can combine these two things together - it's just awesome!

Check out this great blog review from Swedish that gives details about our MS (Multiple Scelorosis) experience.

As a quick overview, Swedish would like to take MS patients on trips that they can't do today; not only because of their disability, yet also owing to COVID. The VR experience currently offers three levels of escape:

1) Calming

2) Adventure

3) Community

In addition, the idea is that the experience is expandable. Not only by MXT, yet also by the patients themselves.

One extra little fun fact is that the community component allows for group creativity, and the future versions will also include some real collective fun!

Check out the post, and let us know if you'd like to learn more

Happy holidays to all!


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