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Would you like to swim in a VR underwater band?

At a medical client's request we were asked to build a musical rehabilitation experience.

To make things interesting we decided to give the experience an underwater theme, and so place the user in an aquarium.

This mini video shows how the user can move around in a novel way; serving the purposes of upper body controlled rehab movement, as well as making it really fun - and much more interesting that simply beaming around.

Below, you'll find a preview of some of the additional instruments and movement actions of interest.

To get users to reach laterally, they must play a clam Kalimba

In order to achieve timely movement, they can throw starfish at specific targets to change the background beat.

It might also be worth mentioning that if you look closer, we also miniaturize you, and turn you into a virtual puffer fish!

- but you'll only be able to see this if you play in multiplayer mode!

Where next?

We are working on:

  • adding angler fish to practice upper and lower reaching

  • adding percussion hit effects to the starfish

  • incorporating a jellyfish and ship helm

  • adding gaze based options for those with upper body movement impediments (e.g. paraplegia)

  • creating a version in standalone mode for the Quest2

  • adding basic multiplayer (for clinicians and OTs/PTs to guide remotely)

  • increasing multiplayer functionality to create a band forming possibility!

Special thanks to...

The entire MXT team, yet particularly David and Erick for being the driving force of ideas, testing, and aquatic inspiration.


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