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7 Key Features Needed for a World Class VR Experience

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I was recently asked to be a keynote speaker at the VRARA global summit. I jumped at the chance at such a cool event that was originally set to occur in Lisbon, Portugal. However, owing to COVID-19, this got moved online... yet the day was still warm and sunny in Seattle, which felt like a smidgen of compensation.

Having an event for VR/AR remotely didn't stop us from making the event entertaining. We dove into the 7 key features of VR (and AR) that can make each experience as powerful as possible. The 7 features:

1. Emotional

2. Physical

3. Educational

4. Technological

5. Team

6. Humanity

7. Closure

To explore these features in detail check out the video below. The remainder of the segment was devoted to hearing from industry veterans Henry Lee and Mike Vu of the Seattle Space Needle. They oversee all of the interactive entertainment, which is quintessential to the visitor experience.

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