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Vive to Host Game Changing Virtual Conference in VR: V2EC - March 19th

Amid growing concerns surrounding Coronavirus, countless events and conferences are being postponed or cancelled worldwide. While we here at MXTreality are taking the concerns seriously and heeding the advisory updates from our local municipalities we also aren't in panic mode. We're doing what we can to stay healthy, and continuing business as usual growing our operations. All said, we admire steps being taken to offer solutions to any problem, especially when those solution are built from innovation and ingenuity.

It's been a great pleasure to see HTC Vive China President Alvin Wang announce the world's first fully virtual industry conference in VR! We've had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Wang and even having him to our Seattle offices. Alvin is one of the figures driving our industry forward; as Vice Chair for the Industry of VR Alliance and President of VR Venture Capital Alliance he is contributing to the development of VR and Immersive tech as it becomes ubiquitous in mainstream business and culture.

Alvin announces #V2EC Virtual Conference

The event is called V2EC, taking place on March 19th through the VR training platform Engage and is sure to offer an exciting and engaging array of top speakers while providing a conference experience in a way that will be new to almost all who attend. Perhaps the most intriguing element of a VR conference like this is the participatory nature attendees are likely to feel when attending in VR. Additionally, for those who won't be able to take part in VR, the live stream V2EC will also be accessible through desktop and mobile.

We're excited to see what the conference offers and thrilled to attend, virtually of course! To attend, start by registering on the Engage platform. We'll be posting more info and event details through updates on our MXtreality official Twitter between now and the event on March 19th. At MXtreality we have actually developed a platform for hosting remote VR gatherings ourselves so we will be looking into the possibilities of further expanding upon what we have as virtual events like V2EC become more common, so be sure to hit the subscribe button in the top menu bar to receive our newsletter for updates on that and on live events that we'll be taking part in throughout 2020 like the MIT event we just participated in on Mars; assuming Earth will still be having live events of course!

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