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Augmented Reality Story Telling


Stage 2 - Vision & Team

The MXTreality response

Part 1


Example flow:

  1. User approaches entry and sees TVs/Signs suggesting they take an iPad.

  2. User watches 30second intro video for context

  3. CHOICE: User informed to select EXPERIENCE TYPE [quick/full/child focused/language]

  4. User informed to look out for the 1st engagement photo

  5. START: As iPad sees 1st image, concierge from photo animates to life and acts as guide through their tour

  6. GUIDED STORY FLOW: There is a recommended flow to tour, ensuring full storytelling.   However, if user misses image, the tour simply skips as appropriate

  7. PEOPLE FIRST: Photos animate and tell stories of individuals’ lives and fates.

  8. 360 IMMERSION: Photos spawn views into CGI/rendered/filmed 360 experiences

  9. MINI ENVIRONMENTS: Photos produce a 3D environment detailing context.  Some layouts are small, in air, others on a table or ground allowing movement around from all angles. 

  10. VARIETY: Mini-maps may be static, others offer info via touch interaction. Some animated, showing before and after to reinforce message that one flourishing community with many years of history destroyed in days.

  11. TRACKING: Photos also spawn quiz, fun fact or mini game.  Elements will also be anonymously tracked to help measure Engagement, Use Rate, and Comprehension.

  12. FINALE: Final room will be fully enclosed, life size experience. Step into the past as trip is summarized by animated room depicting history in a short yet beautiful and completely immersive experience.  (smells/haptics optional)

  13. OPTION: Realtime Custom Photo animations produced to memorializw experiences, ready for social sharing.

This video shows some illustrative examples from recent work 

Part 2


Our team is very diverse and each person brings something special to our solutions - they are all our super heroes as they turn dreams into reality.

While every project involves multiple people, for the USHMM proposed solution, the following team members are likely to play key roles.  Please click on the image to go to a page that will help you navigate between them

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PART 3. Additional Information

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