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We Gave a Pro Climber a 360 Camera... and He Fed the Birds

Nathan Hadley, professional rock climber, and routesetter, has been capturing peak moments in his climbing career with photography and blogging. We lent Nathan a 360 camera to take his captures of going to the next level, to the next level. And he certainly did so.

Last weekend, Nathan climbed a multi-pitch (so big you have to reset your ropes) route out in the beautiful Enchantments (WA). With camera and local climbing gym owner, Andy Wyatt, in tow, the two set off to climb an epic lump of Earth overlooking Culchuck Lake.

Above, we have Andy chilling against the granite slab overlooking the lake. While the 360 video of their climb is still stitching (it's huge), you can check out the duo feeding birds in 360 by the lake below. The video below is viewable using Youtube VR, or you can use your mouse or finger (mobile) to scroll around.

Nathan has been a great help in capturing amazing experiences in 360. Some of these will be used for a project we are working on for folks with Multiple Sclerosis. More on that here. And more on how that project started here! Stick around for the climbing footage once we've curated it appropriately!

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