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Virtual Rehabilitation and Therapy Visionaries

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Have you ever had occupation or physical therapy?

Self-improvement is hard at the best of times, yet now with COVID, occupational or physical therapy and remote therapy are becoming more commonplace. Could VR be a silver bullet that improves therapy whether it is in-person, remote, or self-driven?

We @mxtreality have been working on virtual rehab and therapy-related solutions for the past 18months or so, and we are doing so by asking not,

"what IS being built?"

but instead,

"what NEEDS TO be built?"

In my panel discussion for the VRARA Global Summit, we'll cover this and much more. A quick flow will be:

* What virtual therapies are being used today

* The limitations and caveats of OTC VR therapy solutions

* The barriers to entry

* Where there is a need, there is a way

* The use of 360 therapy

* The future and how you can help

I'll be joined by 4 very knowledgeable panelists, some would call them visionaries in their own right, and I would tend to agree:

If you're interested to learn from these thought leaders of our industry, join me:

Date: October 2nd

Time: 6:45am

We'll also be sharing details, videos, and more after the event.

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