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Everyone needs some good news during lock-downs. And we have some. We’ve moved!

Our new SODO Park location is bigger, brighter, and better in all ways. Our new and improved layout enables us to more easily maintain sufficient social distancing for employees, clients, and visitors alike while offering location-specific experiences like a self-guided AR tour, dedicated experience stations (for flight sims, virtual driver training, and hands-free interactive displays), as well as offering visitors a great view of the Seattle Skyline.

This also means no more West Seattle Bridge detour and some great new neighbors like Ghostfish Brewing Company, Momentum Climbing, and Starbucks HQ.

While our address has changed, now 3200 1st Ave S, our phone number remains the same, 1-844-697-2333. Our location in SODO, which stands for South of Downtown, allows a limited number of us to return to the office on specified days.


Getting together also allowed us to pre-plan the layout of our space, and nothing really beats using our own software to solve our own problems. Here you can see a mini virtual tour that we used to map out our office layout prior to moving in.


With our new location, we can host more opportunities for clients to experience their products during development as well as give guest tours.

Come visit with a mask and we’ll have the sanitizer at the ready. Schedule a visit by messaging us at or just give us a call.

We'll also be sharing a variety of unique 3D, AR, VR, 360, and MR tours of our office with interactive elements like a guided history of VR, and a portfolio overview through AR picture frames. So stay tune for future updates about how we are augmenting our space and how we can augments yours!

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