• Jeff Rayner

Make the Quest2 more comfortable?

The Quest2 is an incredible device that offers wireless VR and cable connected PC-VR, and at an incredible low price of $299.

However, when you make a headset for that price, some corners get cut, and luckily some options exist to upgrade. Let's talk about a few of them:

1) Oculus Elite Strap $49

The elite strap offers more comfort with better supports, stronger arms, and more flexibility.

You can also get the bundle, which includes the strap, external battery and carry case for $129

2) FrankenQuest2

The fun option for folks wanting to play around with combining bits and pieces from other VR set-ups.

Upload VR https://uploadvr.com/frankenquest-2-quest-2/

Quick ref links

Elite strap = https://www.oculus.com/accessories/quest-2-elite-strap-battery-case/

Elite strap bundle = https://www.oculus.com/accessories/quest-2-elite-strap-battery-case/

Oculus Quest accessories main page = https://www.oculus.com/quest-2/accessories/

FrankenQuest2 overview = https://uploadvr.com/frankenquest-2-quest-2/

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