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Hand Tracking Experiences on the Quest

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

At the end of 2019 Oculus released an update for the Quest that gave us use of our hands in VR. This was an incredible free software upgrade that to this day is still unmatched in it's potential for a freebie. There's tons of potential here, but not many companies have leveraged it's abilities. This isn't because it's difficult to use, but instead it's due to the lack of precision compared to the traditional hand controllers.

However, a couple of experiences now feature the use of hand tracking for interactions, so we thought it prudent to share news as it becomes available.

PS we have been experimenting with hand tracking on the Quest (and with the Vive), yet haven't had a client need to warrant pushing a dedicated experience yet.


The first experience is "The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets"

A heart-warming, multi-award winning VR game by @fasttravelgames where you explore miniature worlds. Music by @Wintergatan.

Check them out on twitter or with @CuriosTaleGame


The second experience is " The Line"

A fully interactive VR narrative, The Line transforms the user into a child who unlocks

an enchanted world. Project by @arvoreimmersive & @Laganaro

Check them out on twitter or with @TheLineVR

The freeing nature of simple and elegant hand use is inspiring. We haven't had the chance to fully review both game yet, but we are on the way to doing so. Let us know what you think about either game.

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