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Battle of the Haptic Suits (Teslasuit vs bHaptics)

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

You've seen our multiple notes, reviews, details, specs, experiences and integrations of the Teslasuit, yet we also now own a bHaptics vest (#tactsuit). You may be wondering how the two compare, spec comparisons, ideas for integrations, and who will be the end buyers.

Fret no more, here we give an overview of how they stack up against each other and give a taste of the things we intend to use them for.

But first lets talk about what Haptic Suits are and why they have become increasingly more important. A Haptic suit is a suit that utilizes the sense of touch, vibration and physical contact. This can feel like the simple vibrations of a phone or the more complex contractions similar to the feeling of getting your blood pressure at hospital. Haptic suits aren't some new wave tech, they've been around since the 90's, just like VR. But, like VR, they have risen with new tech and an increased need for advanced training or extreme entertainment.

Check out the video below to see the latest in Haptic Suits as we compare the TESLASUIT to the bHaptics vest. Two different suits for two different markets.

We've designed a few solution for the TESLASUIT in the edutrain would and are excited to create some entertainment solutions for the bHaptics vest in the future.

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