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Another summer, another super intern!

We are thrilled to have Jeremy Unger join us as an intern at MXT REALITY. Jeremy is currently a Mathematics and Data Science student at the University of Southern California (USC), entering his third year. Hailing from Seattle, Jeremy brings a strong academic background and a genuine passion for STEM topics, which he is eager to apply and expand during his time with us.

Image 1 - Jeremy Unger

Contribution to MXT REALITY's Projects

Jeremy's internship is centered around several key goals that align perfectly with our mission at MXT REALITY, particularly as we develop innovative educational experiences:

1. Incorporating STEM Interests into Our Experiences:

Jeremy's enthusiasm for STEM subjects is a driving force behind his work. He is tasked with testing and integrating STEM concepts into our virtual, augmented, and holographic reality experiences, ensuring they are both educational and engaging. His ability to bridge complex STEM topics with immersive VR technology is invaluable to our development process.

Image 2&3 - Jeremy tries out the Apple Vision Pro and the Meta Ray-Ban headsets,

as part of a research and app experience we are creating aimed at improving attention for Neurodiverse learners

2. Leveraging Technical Skills:

With a solid foundation in web development, AI, Python, and general coding, Jeremy is poised to make significant contributions to our ongoing projects. His technical expertise enables him to add substantial value, whether it's through enhancing the functionality of our experiences, optimizing performance, or developing new features that elevate user engagement.

Image 4 - Jeremy looks for nuances in our interactive holographic

magic-mirror experience before it launches at the Seattle Space Needle

3. Providing Insightful Feedback:

As we design experiences like our VR STEM based escape room experience, uniVRsal(1) (aka Europa Prime), which is aimed at a younger audience, Jeremy's perspective as someone closer in age to our target demographic is incredibly beneficial. His feedback on user experience (UX), user interface (UI), gamification strategies, STEM content delivery, knowledge retention, and the overall fun factor of our educational tools helps us fine-tune our offerings to better meet the needs and preferences of our users.

Image 5 - Jeremy takes on the virtual role of helper within our design team for the Europa uniVRsal access experience (1)

Impact on Educational Experiences

Jeremy's role at MXT REALITY is crucial in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of our educational experiences. His contributions help ensure that our products are not only technically sound but also resonate with and engage our users in meaningful ways. By integrating his STEM knowledge and coding skills, Jeremy aids in creating immersive learning environments that are both informative and enjoyable.

Furthermore, Jeremy's insights into the learning preferences and challenges faced by students in his age group allow us to design more intuitive and impactful educational experiences. His input helps us strike the right balance between educational content and interactive, game-like elements that make learning in virtual reality an exciting adventure.

In summary, Jeremy Unger's internship at MXT REALITY is a significant asset to our team. His expertise and passion for STEM, combined with his technical prowess and fresh perspective, play a pivotal role in advancing our educational projects like uniVRsal(1). We are confident that his contributions will lead to more engaging, effective, and enjoyable learning experiences for our users.


(1) Developed by MXTreality for and with EdGE at TERC,, as part of an NSF-funded project (#2005447) researching and developing a STEM-based VR game for a broad audience, including neurodivergent players. This work is part of a collaboration between MXTreality & TERC to broaden participation in informal STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning for all, yet with a special focus on neuro-diverse and autistic learners through the magic offered via virtual reality. NSF Grant: DRL-2005447 #uniVRsal #EuropaPrime #TERC #MXTreality #neurodiverse #neurodiversity #NSF #Jupiter #Minos #uniVRsal #uniVRsalAccess #UniversalDesign #UI #UX 

For more information about our Europa project, pls see


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