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A sneak peak into the production of a driver training simulator

Creating an experience that attempts to improve on the real world is hard, really hard. We don't claim to solve this, but we are getting closer every day.

In this video, you can see how we've created 3 phases of development, improving considerably at every stage.

Level 1 - Orange = building shapes in correct places, road uneven yet correct position

Level 2 - Whitebox = even roads, refined building shapes

Level 3 - Textured = shaped roads, sidewalks, 3D building shape & size adjustments, building textures, road textures, trees, telephone poles, electrical poles & cables, road markings, rail tracks, improved bus, mirrors, skybox, green route path, and more.

While this experience is not yet completed, this video aims to provide a quick overview of where we came from, where we are at, and where we are going

Fore more info, please visit www.mxtrealitycom/pt


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