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The feel of your hand wedged in between a crevice as you hang from a rock face in a desert canyon thousands of miles from the safety of your own home is a tough feeling to recreate. For many, however, the encounter from the safety of their living room that brings in the elements of climbing in nature is just fine for a valuable and exciting experience.

MXTreality is excited to be releasing Adventure Climb VR on Steam, the worlds largest video game distribution platform. Adventure Climb VR is our exploration into climbing and adventure games that can be played with headsets like Vive and Oculus. Our MazeWalk VR is a game on the Apple App Store with over 2.5 million downloads which is played using mobile headsets, but Adventure Climb VR will be our first time putting a game on Steam.

The game is a bit of a challenge for anyone at first, with more agile gamers likely having an easier time getting through it. All in all the single level game is a short play, but for anyone that wants to get on the leader board, playing multiple times will increase ability to lower your time and get higher up the list.

This isn't the first climbing game for VR, so in developing it MXTreality was sure try out some different approaches to what we have seen in other adventure games, and to play around with what could be utilized to work into a larger endeavor for a climbing oriented game. With some avid climbers on our team there was some aspects of game play that were implemented with the consideration of real world climbing concepts.

Check out the game trailer, with over 5,000 views on Youtube!

As we prepared for release and began inviting a discussion on Reddit, we have been able to incorporate what gamers would like to see into the game based on various ideas from the community response.

The result is shaping up to be a very nice launching point for a game that can grow based off user response. If the response is good we have the opportunity to explore building more levels that can take into account the desires players of the original level based on their feedback.

Here's the Steam page link for the game:

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