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Quadriplegics use Virtual Reality and Beat The Game!

Check out Jesse @JesseCollens and Jonathan skydive over Mount Rainier and take a Magic Carpet Ride thru the city of Seattle! These two solutions were built specifically for those with disabilities.

The Rainier skydive was produced in coordination with the Seattle Pacific Science Center, for a fun event put on for Special Olympics competitors and their families. You control your movement via sight direction alone (no hand controllers required). It's a fun ride that won't make you sick, yet enjoyable by all.

After Jesse experienced a prior solution, he requested we create something that would knock his thrill socks off! After consulting with him throughout the build process, we ended up on a fun magic carpet ride around Seattle. Users sit back enjoy the ride and try to find easter eggs while keeping their food down! It's built for those in a wheel chair, yet can be enjoyed by all - provided you like moving fast, doing barrel rolls, and high energy thrills! #a11y

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