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Haptic Suits Create Full on VR Immersion

Fully Body Haptic Suits are in a sense, like VR Goggles for your appendages and core.

Sight is naturally the sense that garners the most attention in Virtual Reality; of course sound is accepted by all as quite important as well. The next step from there is either some kind of smell-o-vision for the sense of scent or haptics for the sense of touch. While scent may be a decent gimmick to lure folks to 4D cinemas, it doesn't hold a candle to touch in the VR game, as haptic gloves have entered the arena with extremely promising potential. Remix the tech of haptic gloves, distribute it to the whole body, and thus the haptic suit emerges. Full body haptics frontrunner Teslasuit, whose tech utilizes electrostimulation, offers the user a sense of touch and presence in their virtual surrounding, as well as climate control; so if you step into a snowy winter wonderland in your virtual environment, expect to feel a drop in temp - cool stuff.

The ingenuity that is required to develop haptic hardware is, in itself, impressive, and MXTReality is excited to develop Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences that do it justice. The devs here jumping into the undertaking can’t help but throw around some pretty zany ideas of how to take full advantage of the capabilities of Teslasuit - the possibilities are indeed endless and the creativity seems to flourish through imagining how best to wield this emerging gem of tech wizardry. It isn’t difficult to believe that full body haptics like Teslasuit could become fairly commonplace, especially as VR continues its rise to dominate entertainment and Augmented Reality further resonates with everyday needs and opportunities for enhanced experiences in trips to concerts, sporting events, or the mall.

As the hardware shrinks, the concept of full body haptics could become embedded into everyday clothing, or how about “stick-ons” that affix directly to the skin and work their electrostimuli magic; I'm picturing their aesthetic as something out of Atlantis, or Stargate, or Stargate Atlantis, but I suppose they could be designed to look boring or discreet.

Imagine bustling through the city during a stressful work day and feeling a warm buzz around your heart as a close friend pings you some love over a virtual "pick-me-up" app, or you know, something like that those pesky "warm and fuzzy" breed of futurists would come up with. Aside from harmonious desires of futurists, one thing that's probably for sure is we'll all just have to get used to feeling the temp drop passing by the bus stop ad for Klondike bars.

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