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Full immersion solutions with Haptic Gloves...

Today we are super excited to start a partnership with Bend Labs gloves to develop solutions for our clients that include the ability to feel objects with your hands and fingers.

There is no doubt that VR is growing and is here to stay. The supporting tech is taking us on a virtual path that is bringing us ever closer to full immersion, yet to get there we need to use all of our senses.

"To be fully immersed, you need sight, you need sound, you need touch."

Shawn Reese, CEO of BendLabs

As Jeff Rayner, the CEO of MXTreality goes on to say

"Bendlabs has a base in Seattle, and is a perfect partner for MXTreality. The integration of their Haptic Gloves will take our solutions to the next level of experience. By adding deeper interactivity, our clients will feel a more immersive presence that will result in more interest, more fun and more memories. BendLabs are at the forefront of the haptic tech and our collaboration will allow our clients (and hopefully you) to have experiences that will last a lifetime"

- Jeff R, CEO of MXTreality

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