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Sandlot Mariners

Funko Pop CGI Videos

In the following visual mockup, imagine the Funko Pop Sandlot characters you see are Computer Generated Animations of youngster versions of your favorite Mariners performing amazing feats of skill!

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MXTreality will create the CGI models of the Funko Pop versions of top Mariners players and animate them to do simple but fun moves to show off their skills!

The unique approach of these animated videos includes that the Mariners players appear as youngster versions of themselves! Kids will identify more with these caricature versions of the players they are getting to know, and adults will get a nostalgia hit from recognizing the approach as a call back to throwing on frumpy baseball caps grabbing worn out mits and heading to the local sandlot to meet up with pals.

There doesn't necessarily need to be any association with Funko Pop or the movie Sandlot, because we can create the CGI characters to look however we want, making sure to differentiate them enough from those properties if necessary.

There's endless ways to engage viewers with the Funko Mariners; with options to have viewers collect the whole series of characters on their phone!

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