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MXTreality develops immersive gaming experiences for the consumer market as well as for business solutions

Maze Walk VR takes you to magical fantasy worlds where you'll find yourself challenged to solve each level of the Maze. With over 2.5 Million downloads, MazeWalkVR is one of the most popular mobile VR games of all time, and uses a proprietary no-hands movement 

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Inspired by Maze Walk VR, Halloween Maze VR is a series of spooky labyrinths to explore. Make out it out alive...if you can!


Climb your way to the top with Adventure Climb VR. Avoid falling rocks, take in the scenery, and work on improving your time to work your way up the leaderboard. 

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Seattle Skyride is a magic carpet ride through Downtown Seattle. But watch out! This one is sure to make even the most hardened VR gamer sway and feel a bit of the spins! Whoa! In fact we developed this experience to be such a roller coaster after being inspired by hearing that SCI patients who we collaborate with and can not feel below their neck told us that other experiences we showed them were not as intense as we and the general public experience them ourselves.

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