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Boosting Event Branding with Custom Virtual Backgrounds

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

For a recent virtual conference, our client and partner ZEVA, makers of the autonomous human-carrying drone, needed something cool to help them showcase their solution.

They were tired of the standard still backgrounds, honestly, we are too. ZEVA wanted something to POP and generate the buzz that their new tech deserved, so they requested we make a virtual background that would impress but also not be too distracting.

With less than a week before their conference, we flew into crafting a virtual background that would amplify the message of ZEVA as a major player in emergent drone technology. You can check out the background ZEVA used to take their conference to the next level.

With so many conferences being relegated to digital environments, attendees are inundated with mediocre and repetitive video calls. With backdrops like the one we created for Zeva we hope to keep people connected and engaged.

And it doesn't stop with backdrops. We've been hard at work on some Virtual Conference applications for VR, AR, and more. For your custom digital conference makeover, you can ping us on our site, or connect with us over socials. For more insights on the emergent tech solutions we've been cooking up at MXTreality subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on your preferred socials.

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