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Join Us Wednesday: MIT panel discuss Mars with You

If you have an interest in rockets, space tourism, alien life, CRISPR, VR training, 3D printing, or bodily functions in space... then read-on!

This Wednesday evening, I will be moderating a panel for MIT. It's an enterprise forum, whereby we'll have 4 experts (including one astronaut) openly discuss the big MARS questions; why, how, who, when. I'd love it if you can join.


The event will offer insights into the human exploration of Mars. How soon is this possible? What are the challenges we will face? What are the chances of life? Is it a one way mission? And much more.


Among our panelists, is a real life astronaut who will bring her stories and space suit to the event; Dr. Soyeon Yi of South Korea, who experienced 16G force upon re-entry on her return to Earth! In addition, we have the head of the Seattle Mars Society chapter, James Burk, Rocket Scientist Matt Gebert, and Space Advisor Stan Shull. Four experts with different backgrounds and perspectives.

Having studied Astrophysics at University, creating several space related VR experiences, and being a lifelong proponent of advancing space exploration, I am elated to be moderating this event. As a creator of immersive tech solutions and working as a futurist in the tech industry, I've been afforded opportunities to see firsthand how emerging innovation such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are catapulting the fields of Aerospace and Space Exploration. Not only does emerging tech advance these fields, it creates opportunities for far more people to become involved in the commitment of setting forth to flourish on the final frontier.

Please come and join us Wednesday evening to be part of this forward thinking contribution in the Mars odyssey.


EVENT INFO - Beyond Our Planet: Mission to Mars


Hosted by MIT Enterprise Foundation Northwest

Wednesday February 26th

5:30pm to 8pm

One Union Square Building, Union Square Boardroom, 600 University Street, Seattle, WA 98101

The official MIT Enterprise Foundation Northwest links for the event can be found here:

We hope you can make it!

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