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  • Jeff Rayner

Will we live in a complete virtual world like Ready Player One?

Ready Player One is a book (author: Ernest Cline) and movie (director: Stephen Spielberg) centered around how people in the future live, work, and play in an expansive Virtual Reality world called the OASIS. So just how plausible is it that we will live in such a world, what will it be like, and how far away are we from this possibility?

With the advent of AI, improvements of computer graphics, desire to be removed from the doldrums of reality, it’s not a question of “will” but more a question of “when."

You may be surprised to learn that we currently have the ability to use VR, have haptic gloves and haptic suits, have Omni-directional treadmills, have multi-player games and therefore all of the hardware possibilities of RP1 exist today!

Jeff loves gadgets!

MXTreality CEO Jeff Rayner adorns a multitude of haptic and peripheral devices that provide solutions for ultimate accessibility and immersion

Add to that simulations like Sims, Second Life and you are getting into the social and virtual living aspects.