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Hello 2018

Chances are if you are here reading this, then you've probably been redirected via MYPAD3D or something to do with them. Either way, it's probably kinda nice in a boring don't tell people at a cocktail party kinda way, to tell you the story....

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away... there was an awesome idea to revolutionize the new construction market by offering new buyers the chance to tour and customize their homes from anywhere at any time. Mix a pretty darn good idea with kick-arse graphics and a 3D engine and the love child is called MYPAD3D.

Problem is that others had similar ideas, and the race was on.

Then a year later, let's introduce VR headsets - meet google cardboard, HTCVive and OculusRift. Now, we have a solution that can be both immersive and interactive - and still kick-arse!

From their introduction, this virtual race became hotter, faster, quicker and loads o' cash started flying around for the latest VR solutions.

Things were looking rather peachy; the VR investing world was rosey, and then along comes Tim Cook stating "I think VR is good, but AR is better" - paraphrasing there, we didn't actually talk to him directly, and as we all know, there is not truth in the media - only fake news!!!! ;)

Cut a long story short, VR now had a competitor = AR.

The true problem however was that the two areas weren't competing, they were two sides of the same coin. As a result MYPAD3D or to whom we lovingly refer to as MP3, started diversifying. Our core platform was able to make VR as easy as AR, and with the introduction of Vuforia, followed by ARkit, and ARcore - we could take our VR solutions, cut them down and spit them out in AR. Market revolution solved!

However, this was an EVOLUTION more than a REVOLUTION.

Consequently, MP3 had do evolve too. Our core platform meant we could produce a virtual tour as easy as a quality game as easy as a heart museum (and yes, we did all of those!). However, while we loved the diversity of projects, our clients, our brand, and our image was becoming opaque.... something had to give.

And thus, with the turn of a new year, we turned MYPAD3D into 3 entities:

* MYPAD3D = the ABCDE of construction = Architects, Builders, Contractors, Designers and Engineers

* MazeWalkVR = our very popular iOS game with the unique movement we brought to market, with a download base of over 1.5M

* MXTreality = everything else, from museums, to gaming, to education, to pop-up VR/AR teams.

Which brings us to today, a very monumental occasion, when we can say we looked, listened, heard and pivoted, in order to ensure some sense of transparency, clarity and vision - which we can now break out by business model.

Welcome to MXTreality - a play on words in many ways, a double entendre in others, but in all ways a fun place to work and experience what the latest tech has to offer you and your clients, together we are building the future.

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