MXTreality has proudly collaborated with the Pacific Science Center on virtual and augmented reality projects for the past few years. 

Of particularly note are:

  • 14th Annual Foundations fund-raising event (table top AR)

  • 15th Annual Foundations fund-raising event  (VR, AR and custom photo-video animations) 

  • Solving Homelessness EXHIBIT

  • Special Olympics Event

  • Tech Demos

App info and AR images for 

Solutions at each of these events featured our mixed reality interactions, and with the dedicated apps you can have enhanced experiences while at PacSci or from afar.

For the 14th and ​15th Annual Foundations of Science Breakfast  you we created a series of fun interactive AR solutions.  You can now download the iOS app from the apple app store by clicking here or opening the AppStore on your apple device and searching for

"Pac Sci Breakfast Event".  

While at the event you'll be able to use this app to interact with the table centerpieces.  However, if you are not there or want to show others after, we've included the images below - feel free to click on one from a secondary device, then look at the images using your device - smile and enjoy!

Take a look at the app in action and then scroll down for the target images!

From a secondary device, click on these images below to enlarge, and view using the app


At the last event, PacSci wanted a fun momento for attendees, so we built a real-time PacSci specific around the spirit of the event and the areas requiring funding.

Within seconds of having your photo taken your phone would ding with an video momento like this

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