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How can we effectively educate about homelessness to all and everyone, of any age, location, or ability?

Through the use of iPads, cell phones, AR apps, VR experiences, touch screen quizzes and interactive displays we created a suite of solutions for the PacSci exhibit and beyond

Kids interacting with our tech solutions (touch screens and portable iPads) provided for the Block by Block exhibit at the Pacific Science Center... our attempt to make education fun and entertaining.

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By collaborating with the Block Architects, Facing Homelessness, Pacific Science Center, numerous folks who are homeless, and many others, we have collectively built a suite of multi-reality solutions for all ages that educate and entertain... they'll go into the PacSci exhibit and be available to all for free for a long time.

 - Jeff Rayner



Homelessness impacts us all

Overview of the Block Project

Behind every slur there is a person, a real person, who simply wants a better life.

We believe that collectively, we all have a role to help solve the homelessness crisis.

We believe that tech can help, and that is where MXT comes in.

We can face homelessness by choosing to see the beauty of the person in front of us rather than the issue that overwhelms us.

 - Rex & Jen

Founders of The Block Project


Tech plays a role

We started by creating a 3D version of the block home in the computer and then making a virtually tourable version.

We leveraged this virtual home by including it in a VR tour, a 360 tour, an AR app and a plethora of digital solutions for an exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.

Images from the 3D version of the home, that we created for multiple media devices and platforms, including one of the first solutions to be ported to the Oculus Quest


Get the BLOCK Project AR App free from the App Store and see what a BLOCK Home would look like in your very own backyard!

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Collaboration & Community

MXtreality & MYPAD3D are collaborating with Facing Homelessness, theBLOCKproject and the Pacific Science Center to bring tech and innovation into the pockets of the community to open your eyes, expand your mind, retrieve love in your heart, and find room in your yard.

MXT Logo 2020.png

sharing information via our

multi-reality APP

Designed to work on tablets and smart phones and has these goals:

1) learn about homelessness via direct experience

(360 & 360 VR)

2) augmented your yard with a block home or on your table

(Free-roam AR)

3) bring our cardboard cut-outs to life

(Target based AR)

4) Interactive Quiz

(Touch Screen Tables)

5) inform about how you can make a difference


We put everything you want to know about the situation, the problem and the solution into your hands ... empowering you to make a difference.

It's one thing to tell you about how you can sit down with Bobby, experience a tent-city first hand in 360, or bring the Pacific Science Center to life - but talking about it doesn't do it justice... the best thing is just to try it for yourself.

example images about our many solutions

VR, AR, CGI, Apps
Facing Homelessness iPhone in yard
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