Innovation involves collaborating, research, development, and lots of testing to identify new, better, more efficient ways of providing the best solution possible.

Come join our virtual meetings - so anyone, anywhere, can rapid prototype collectively.


Whether it's finding a new way to virtually move using only your eyes, a new way to touch things in mid air, or interacting with items on your table that don't exist... we innovate to think outside of the box, provide the best solution possible, all while considering inclusive design, so that everyone can enjoy.


You could be forgiven for thinking that XR doesn't affect your senses, yet you'd be wrong.   Not only can we invoke the sense of sight, we can mess with your balance, your strength, create virtual smells, offer virtual touch, and even give you sensations like wind and rain.

Below are some of the fun things we are exploring:

MXT has been collaborating with Teslasuit to incorporate full body sensations into experiences.  Sensations include feeling wind, rain, body damage, heat, cold, vibrations, electrical shocks and more.


We're integrating the latest in virtual touch - via use of the ultrahaptics board and the leap motion finger tracking we can now let you touch virtual objects in mid air - even press buttons that don't exist.


Smells are all around us, and it's easy to forget their importance in a virtual and even augmented reality.

However, fret no more, as we have partnered  with hapticsol to offer solutions that incorporate smells.  You have to smell it to believe how good this is!


Making graphics look photo-realistic is now achievable, and we've even managed to make it work in large scale environments.  

We are now exploring eye tracking as a way to interact with the UI.


We started with mono, then moved to stereo, and now in VR we can offer 3D spatial = sounds that can flow around you, thus offering location accuracy.


Equilibrioception involves bringing a number of body systems together.  In VR, we can play with your balance, your brain, your muscles and multiple other senses to offer a deeper, more realistic sense of immersion.  This combination is mainly leveraged for dangerous training activities or for more realistic entertainment.



The addition of these hardware and software solutions for enhanced senses are just the beginning.  As we continue down the path of virtual sensations we are starting to see amazing results in terms of medical and particularly rehab related areas.  We've witnessed dramatic improvements in terms of flexibility, movements after injury and even observed people with paralysis move parts of their bodies.

Accessibility and disability are fascinating areas and we have partnered with various medical institutions to further investigate.  For more info on this, see here

From the smells perspective, we are working with several partners and clients to add this extra level of immersion.  We are proud to also announce that we were the first game (ACVR) on steam to support virtual smells

We have partnered with Teslasuit to offer full body haptic simulations, including heat, EMS (muscular), TENS (nerves), biometrics, and motion capture.

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