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#StratosVR Bungee Jump Experience



Live now at the Seattle Space Needle you can experience


Virtual reality bungee jump over a near photo-realistic cityscape


Louis PhotoAnimation Space Needle.gif

Take home a custom digital memento video of your experience to share on social media. 


Louis_Marcus SN AR.gif

Snap Augmented Reality photos of yourself with family and friends standing with animated Space Needle models!

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What it takes to build the Virtual Reality Bungee Jump #StratosVR
bnw icon vr headset cardboard.jpg

We spent 6 months making Seattle in VR using; maps, photogrammetry, panoramic photos from the top of the Needle, and lots of manipulation, simplification, optimization and creation.

bnw icon brain brainwave head.jpg

We worked with several partners on the hardware and software side to ensure every element of the experience was immersive and accurate to the Space Needle's specifications​


We made the buildings as accurate as possible, and even added  17 cranes in their correct positions, colors and directions

The STRATOS VR experience 
Space Needle Bungee Instagram pic.png
What it takes to make the experience unforgettable
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We put about 100 testers through it to determine the ideal duration - to be enjoyed and fulfilling, yet leave you wanting more!


We adjusted gravity to give you a thrill without causing motion sickness


We added artificial intelligence to people, cars, boats, trains, monorails, yachts, ferries and birds - so every experience is unique

How does it feel?

Let's let this guy explain...

Photo Animation Digital Memento

Before you step into the VR Bungee experience, the Space Needle staff snaps your photo and as you enjoy the bungee jump, your face is processed into a CGI animation of an avatar doing the jump! A video is then sent to the visitors phone that they can share with their friends and family on social media.

Louis PhotoAnimation Space Needle.gif
Augmented Reality for Space Needle Vistors

When visitors come to the Space Needle, they will find Augmented Reality targets places around the Space Needle that allow them to put animated Space Needles into photos the visitors take with their own phones by downloading the Space Needle app.

Louis_Marcus SN AR.gif
Can you tell the difference between Virtual And Reality?

This image shows an overlap of a real photo with an image from our virtual Seattle. 

How quickly can you spot the real Seattle?

MXTreality - real inside VR.jpg
Check Out Some More Imagery to understand how good it can Virtual Reality can become!
Visit, Experience, Remember

Your trip to the Space Needle offers you all of these elements for free, with purchase of your ticket

Come visit, have fun, make memories!

download the app here

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