Taking a fresh look at Interactive & Immersive solutions for those with disabilities




We don't have to look very hard to find someone with a disability. At MXTreality we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joys, thrills and educational possibilities that VR & AR are unique in offering - and we are set on ensuring that our solutions can be used by all.


It is estimated that there is a severely disabled person in one tenth of all US households

Further, if you lessen the interpretation just slightly, one in three households have a family member with a significant impairment.

Currently, few solutions exist that can be used by all and we intend to change that.

1 in 10

1 in 3


Using the very latest in tech, a team of testers that include several who are disabled, contact and interactions with doctors and physical therapists and regular round table gatherings, we are learning about the nuances and complexities of what it means to experience tech with a physical or mental disability.

Our key applications are solutions that include multi-device, multi-location, multi-user, multi-room interactive experiences.

This means anyone, anywhere, of any disability can use our solutions concurrently.

While these solutions are specifically designed for the handicapable, the development that goes into their creation can benefit everyone as it pushes the boundaries of integrating immersive tech with other devices.

The uniqueness of these solutions is the ADA friendly UI/UX.

MXTReality is focused on building environments that can be accessed and interacted with ease.  By researching, testing and deploying solutions that utilize the latest approaches, we can ensure everyone has the ability to experience as intended.

Many of our solutions now include voice commands to move and interact.  Yet we are also testing out integration using more advanced assistive tech including sip and puff, eye gaze, eye tracking, head array, and even brain waves 

Our CEO, Jeff Rayner currently sits on the Assistive Technology board in collaboration with the University of Washington.  Through this board, we have partnered with multiple adults and children with severe disabilities, therapists, doctors and non-profits to collectively identify and solve problems for all, yet cater to those most in need.   

There is emerging technology that could and should be leveraged as the comfort, ease of use, built in components combined with our solutions will be life changing to many.





To see a demo, play with our AR app, or simply for more related info, contact us


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