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We utilize everything technology has to offer to ensure every visitor can experience deep XR immersion via an equal and inclusive approach.  

We create solutions and experiences that are relevant in COVID times, yet also are applicable when restrictions are lifted:

* Increase remote experiences

* Touchless interactions and exhibits

* Augment in-person experiences 



We are developing experiences that leverage virtual and augmented reality, haptic wearables such as glove and full bodysuits, foot controllers, olfactory virtual scents and smells, and tech previously dreamed about that are now ready for integration today.

Exhilarating Experiences 

Inspired by the concepts of your exhibits, take your patrons on thrilling visceral experiences. Send them on their way with an unforgettable memory as as well as a digital keepsake that they can share on social media with their friends and family

Gamified Exhibits  drops you into fantasy worlds based in history where you will find yourself challenged to complete objectives as you progress through adventures that provide engaging fun and an appreciation for the subject

Accessibility is Everything in today's world of attractions and immersive experiences. As we shine a light on the ways to improve, we continually increase our fortitude to welcome everyone of all abilities into enjoying these life changing experiences  

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