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XR (VR, AR, MR) can add interest, interaction and a new level of story telling, training and entertainment to most industries.  We've created over 100 experiences across a wide array fields and markets. Here are a few examples:



Space Station Mars Space Planes base vir

We are currently developing an array of solutions for aeronautics and astronautics, including space exploration and tourism.  We've also partnered with the MarsSociety to build a VR training experience incorporating .



AMAN fivebed villa - final.png

From massing, to virtual walk-throughs to AR depictions, we have an array of architectural visualization (ArchViz) solutions suitable for all involved and to get you on the same page.  Check out the app store for mobile solutions, or schedule a demo to see VR archviz up close.




With our virtual and augmented solutions, you can take the memory of your loved ones everywhere you go.

Real Estate


Space Needle 360 Bungee.mp4 screenshot 2

We've experience with stadium concepts, hotel remodels, unbuilt skyscrapers and even entire cities.


Tour, fly around and change options ... even share and market so your audience knows whats to come.



MyPad3D business card - BLUEPRINT-back.j

From furniture placement, wall color, plant selection, room flow to accessibility.

With VR and AR, we can help show the future, and save on erroneous headaches.

Abilities for those with


Tyler Schrenk Foundation_UW_Harborview_.

VR and AR solutions are not experienced equally.

We intend to change that with solutions for everyone. We've built a wheel chair training sim, PT-OT & rehab solutions, escape and more.

Leveraging digital solutions for


Deep Immersion Experiential Technology (DIET) is the key to a memorable experience that leads to more enjoyment, deeper interest, and higher levels of retention.

AR & VR for 


From augmented dinner menus, to labels that come to life, through wine label information... this is an industry waiting for infotainment.

Fun with


All of our solutions involve an element of gamification, yet some are deliberately designed to entertain.

Ask about our unflyable helicopter, 2M downloads on MazeWalkVR, candy catch, Legos, and more.

Galleries & 


It's hard not to see the benefit of what VR/AR can offer in these circles; ask about putting your head inside a VanGogh, scraping away a DaVinci, or bringing a painting to life.

Real Estate


Learn about the architects vision, tour, explore and swap options on an unbuilt home, while tracking costs.

See 10 homes virtually without leaving the comfort of yours.

All about


Space Station Mars Space Planes base.PNG

Whether it's education around the next generation of spaceships, learning what it's like to live on Mars, remotely operating vehicles on Europa, or simulating space tourism... we have something for you.



MYPAD3D-Stadium-1-4-2  (9).png

From throwing a virtual ball, to hitting with a virtual bat, to analyzing virtual data around body movement, to touring a virtual stadium... we have experience with solutions that will help with training, education, physical fitness, tourism, marketing, and more.



When VR and AR get involved in story telling, there are no limits as to where you can go, the time, or who you go with... in fact, it's even possible to make your story unique.  

From 360 videos, to AR pop-up books, or interactive endings ... the story is yours.

Travel & 


Come fly around our cruise ship, compare the size of rooms in a hotel, or virtually tour as if you were there.

We are sure, this industry will adopt these new tech solutions with abandon.



multi user pic.png

No more heavy manuals or boring courses, with the use of VR and AR (and compatibility with PCs and mobile devices) you can now take multi player immersive and interactive learning courses from the comfort of anywhere!

Roll plays for everyone involved on whatever device you have at your disposal

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