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Through the adoption and use of immersive tech, people who have SCI can one again welcome back a sense of independence by having the ability to connect with the outside world through VR & AR.

One of the biggest obstacles spinal cord injury patients face, aside from their physical recovery, is the loss of independence. This feeling can result in severe depression. According to the National Institute of Health, the total suicide rate among individuals with SCI was nearly five times higher than expected in the general population.

17,500 new spinal cord injuries each year in the U.S

We aim to change the paradigm, using new world solutions to include multi-device, multi-location, multi-user, multi-room interactive experiences.


This means anyone, anywhere, of any disability can use our soultions concurrently.

While these solutions are specifically designed for the handicapable, the development that goes into their creation can benefit everyone as it pushes the boundaries of integrating immersive tech with other devices.

The uniqueness of these solutions is the ADA friendly UI/UX.


MXTReality is focused on building environments that can be accessed and interacted with ease.  By researching, testing and deploying solutions that utilize the latest approaches, we can ensure everyone has the ability to experience as intended.

Many of our solutions now include voice commands to move and interact.  Yet we are also testing out integration using more advanced assistive tech including sip and puff, eye gaze, eye tracking, head array, and even brain waves 

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Our CEO, Jeff Rayner currently sits on the Assistive Technology board in collaboration with the University of Washington.  Through this board, we have partnered with multiple adults and children with severe disabilities, therapists, doctors and non-profits to collectively identify and solve problems for all, yet cater to those most in need.   

There is emerging technology that could and should be leveraged as the comfort, ease of use, built in components combined with our solutions will be life changing to many.




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Innovation is resilience of the human spirit

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