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We aim to change the paradigm of who can do what. We move towards that by utilizing the latest tech, working with our friends in the disabled community for input into design and testing, and developing support for multi-device, multi-location, multi-user, multi-room interactive experiences.


This means anyone, anywhere, of any disability can use our solutions concurrently.

While these solutions are specifically designed for the handicapable, the emerging solutions are of clear benefit to anyone and everyone, as such exploration pushes the boundaries what we can do versus what we think we can do.

The uniqueness of these solutions is the ADA friendly User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), because we build with these parameters in mind, rather than build fixes as an after thought.

MXTreality is focused on building environments that can be accessed and interacted with ease.  We partner with innovative companies to research, test and deploy solutions that leverage the latest tech, so that we can ensure everyone has the ability to have the best experience possible.

If you have an idea, an experience, a product or are in need of relative support - we are just an email away...

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Assistive Tech

By integrating with the main adapters and commonly used technology available, we are able to integrate familiar interfaces and devices into our movement and interaction systems. 

Through a partnership with Microsoft, we will soon be able to utilize every common device for independent navigation and interaction

Tyler Schrenk Foundation_UW_Harborview_.


From rehabilitation to independent immersive experiences, we are customizing solutions from the ground up to give the best experience possible.  Particular attention is being paid to SCI and ALS patients, yet solutions will apply to many many more.

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Arm Impairment

If you have difficulty using your arms or hands, it's near impossible to use VR or AR as it exists today.

We are changing that!


Through the integration with our partners we bring solutions that enable you to use one hand, your feet, your voice or even your brain to control your experience.

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Everybody loves to game, so it's only right that everyone has the possibility of experience.

We use a multitude of devices to ensure that everyone can have fun, irrespective of ability or disability

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From our friends with disabilities, particularly those who are SCI patients, we've learned that it is not uncommon to spend months in the hospital after injury.

However, preparing for new ways to integrate with the world can be taxing.  We are currently collaborating on empathy simulators, wheel chair trainers, AT VR education and more to ease this process, and possibly expedite the return home.

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We've had an amazing array of observations and findings that we cannot fully understand.


Paraplegics have had reactionary body movements, Quadraplegics have experienced feeling in parts of their body they don't feel, and overwhelmingly there are possibilities from rehab to empathy



Immersive Solutions

Imagine how immersive technology solutions could benefit your organization and we'd love to hear your thoughts.


Give us a call at

1-844-697-2333 or Send Us a Message Below!

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