Globally Connected

MXTreality offers multi-user virtual training solutions and experiences that engage users while they interact in virtual reality from across the hall, or across the globe.



Add new layers to your branding through implementation of immersive tech

Augmented Reality

Your company is not a speck in the flock; It's leading the charge. Celebrate this through strong storytelling.

Virtual Reality

Bring the world into your world. Like they never would have dreamed.

Comprehensive Consulting

Pivot your perspectives for a fresh look from the public

Virtual Reality

Use VR to present important info and entertainment in immersive environments that allow for use by all, including allowing for accessibility to elements of the experience that would otherwise not be accessible to needs of certain impairments. Virtual Reality is the solution for a multitude of training solutions that engage the user and assess their progress.

Multi-User Remote VR Training

Training includes remote educational work for students. Students can learn in virtual classroom settings allowing them to learn and interact with teachers and fellow students in a way that feels like being in a school classroom.

Events and Conferences

The most immersive experiences utilize VR to take virtual conference goers to another world.

Concepts for Virtual Reality experiences can be anything from entertaining thrill rides to educational infotainment solutions that pique visitors interest, getting them to take the next step in taking on curiosity for brands and organizations.

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