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Hello Mars

Welcome to Mars...

What to wear... Today's temperature will range between highs of 70ºF and lows of -70ºF

Don't breathe... The atmospheric pressure is about 1% of Earth, and is comprised of poisonous Carbon Dioxide.

Now you can dunk... Gravity is only 1/3 of Earth, so you can jump/throw higher & longer

Bring your sunscreen... You'll receive the same amount of radiation in one week on Mars, as you would in 2 years on Earth

Stay healthy... living for prolonged periods of time on Mars will likely lead to bone weakness, muscle atrophy, and cataracts

Long haul... Mars orbits the sun every 2 years, so that's roughly how long your return trip will take

Say again... the average distance from Earth to Mars is 140M miles, this means that it typically takes about 12 minutes to send a signal (each way)

...Have a nice stay!

MarsVR Hab v02-02.png


MarsVR is the brainchild of the Mars' Society Executive Director James Burk. The vision is to create a suite of interactive educational fun experiences that can be experienced across multiple devices to give human faring folk a glimpse of what life on the red planet will be like


A virtual reality twin of the MDRS in the Utah desert for essential training for any mission to Mars


A 360 photographic tour of the MDRS, with fun things to find & learn (with or without a VR headset)


Explore NASA terrain data:
Arrive, Survive, Thrive in a realistic environment with Mars physics


Educational experiences for your phone, computer, or tablet



Interesting Facts  


MarsVR Campaign

MarsVR is a collaborative effort between the Mars Society, MXTreality, and many other entities

To help create it, we reached out to the community and raised over $100k on Indiegogo.  You can see our promo video here



Digital ReCreation

To recreate a virtual digital twin of the MDRS (Mars Desert Research Station), we used hundreds of photos, measurements, photogrammetry, and drone imagery.

As we find out more details, we improve it frequently


Long Term Objective

"As NASA data of Mars returns, we intend on recreating Mars virtually.  From this shared environment, Crowd-Exploring will afford earth-based explorers the chance to experience the nuances of the martian terrain remotely using virtual reality - helping future explorers & scientists look for interesting geology, signs of water, and search for the possibility of life" 


We are creating an experience that is open to the public for free.  Additionally, there will be a suite training experiences that will involve an upcharge, as these are intended for visitors to the MDRS


We are also working on a suite of educational VR, AR, 3D, 360, and digital experiences.  

Mars on Steam.png


MDRS 360

Tour the MDRS from any device


Virtual Mars

In the works, is a Mars experience like no other

What does Mars smell like?

How long could you survive?

What would it be like to drive or fly over Mars, kick a ball, search for water?

In virtual Mars, we leverage NASA data to recreate Mars as close to reality as possible, and you get to arrive, survive, and thrive - or at least try to!

Open beta coming soon.  Sign-up here for more info

We are also creating tons of educational materials, 3D Models, And AR interactables

Here are a few, but we seriously need to update these soon as we have so many to share

One of the dozen or so 3D model assets that are free to download and use in your projects


Mars for Education


Learn about the largest volcano in the solar system:


MarsAR - Olympus Mons (1).png
MarsVR - Olympus Mons.png

Click on any QR code for more details