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Stefanshellir Lava Tube Caves

Explore the 1520m long Stefánshellir lava tube cave in Hallmundarhraun, Iceland with our virtual 360 tour.  It was scanned during the summer of 2020 with a Faro Focus 3D Laser scanner and using a custom lighting rig to give you the ability to explore an area very few have had the luxury

About the lava tubes...

Lava tubes are formed by flowing lava through volcanic vents.  As the lava empties it leaves a cave

Lava tubes are also known as pyroducts

The Stefanshehellir lava tube is thought to be similar to the ones we hope to find on Mars, and for this reason we have not only helped with this 360 tour, yet we have included a similar lava tunnel representation in our virtual reality Mars experience.

Interactive lava tube experiences

Click on the image to the right to be taken to the 360 tour.

Explore every nook and cranny and see if you can find the 10 fascinating fact easter eggs

Lava tube entry screen.png

This video gives a glimpse into the effort required to create this subterranian experience.

Interact with this 3D model of a section of the Stefanshellir lava tube

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