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Imagine a world with no borders, where a never ending imagination is revered, and where all of your senses collide into an experience - and then you'll start to understand our goal


We believe experiences should be seen, heard, felt, and remembered.

We partner with world leading hardware manufacturers to ensure our clients get the latest and greatest tech.  We then leverage these gadgets and combine into what we call our DIET (Deep Immersion Experience Technologies).   Some of these tech devices particularly cater to those with disabilities, yet are of benefit to all (think voice controllers and eye tracking).

Swipe through the images below to see examples of some of the tech we integrate with including hand tracking, latest controllers, eye tracking, 3D spatial sound, haptics, smells, and a wide array of peripherals for unprecedented levels of immersion. 

WebAR: Experiences for all

Headsets offer the most immersive solutions available, but what happens if you don't have one?

Mobile apps and AR are great because they typically use the device you have in your pocket. 

However, a new solution is catching up... WebAR, and it will soon be available to everyone via a web browser.

Here's an example we created for our partner Zeva, that has created the Aero, a Human Drone. You can read more about how the Tesla CyberTruck can take the drone anywhere HERE, yet feel free to play around with the truck on your PC, phone, or even in your living room!

If you are viewing on an iPhone you will be able to interact with it, and even place it in your room via use of your camera and Augmented Reality.



Let's collaborate to understand the key objectives from the standpoint of you, your company and your customers.

Then and only then, let's figure out the perfect tech to give you the deepest level of immersion.

Some of the cutting edge tech solutions we offer, including VR, AR, MR, 360s, drones, brain computer interfaces, haptic touch, full body sensory suits, foot controllers, virtual smells and more.


We deliver experiences to invigorate your senses and inspire your imagination.

We believe in the power of Inclusive Design; consideration for those with disabilities has helped with our UI & UX which in turn have enhanced the experiences for all.  #VR4Everyone

How does it feel?

Let's let this guy explain...

SpaceNeedle BJer

What can it do?

This guy has been paralyzed for 45 years.  He has some fascinating things to say

man45y disabled

Let's Chat...

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