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Since early 2018, we've created immersive driver training experiences - to improve learning, reduce risk, and make training fun!

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Experiences and solutions work across multiple devices, so your entire team has training at their fingertips wherever they are.

IMMERSIVE TRAINING for every device, every where, and every one

Pre-Trip Certification

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New to the vehicle or learning a new route?

With our multi-device integration, you can learn on the go, self-test, and ensure you are ready for the real assessment.

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Driver Training

Learn the core skills on how to operate the vehicle.  Practice tough moves like hill starts, roundabouts, reversing from the comfort and safety of VR.

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Advanced Training

VR allows you the possibility of training in ways the real world doesn't.  Advanced programs include climatic weather conditions, unruly passengers, emergency training, animals on the road, and more.


Driver-focused Immersive Experience Training

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Training new drivers, keeping experienced drivers informed, practice complicated maneuvers, and learning new buses & new routes is very complex in terms of time, expense, location, and interest.

Our XR solutions offer learning opportunities that work on any device,

with deep immersive possibilities for the next gen classroom.

XR training reduces costs, increases retention, and makes learning fun!

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Knowledge = Safety

Drivers can borrow a virtual bus to learn safe distances, take the engine apart to understand components, and practice hillstarts & roundabouts.

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Reduce Costs

Vehicle accidents are extremely costly.  What better way exists to reduce the chance of accidents, than training drivers on not only the essentials, but also the rare situations that are historically difficult to learn - e.g. braking distance in the snow.

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Learn new routes

Its timely, costly, and potentially dangerous to learn a temporary diversion or new route.  In XR, you can learn anytime, anywhere - and we even have the ability to change time of day, weather, and number of vehicles and pedestrians.

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Custom Learning

Trainees have the ability to learn the basics, self-test advanced operations, and do things only VR allows. 

If you are driving a new vehicle for the first time, wouldn't you prefer to put it to the test in a virtual location?


One of the most important elements to a safe trip is the Pre-Trip Inspection.  Our XR training offers the ability to learn from experiencing.

Pre-Trip vehicle walkaround safety inspections allow for training drivers to follow the procedures required to ensure buses pass pre-trip safety standards just as they would in the real world.


Students learning VR driver training multiplayer

Your instructors have full control of the simulator while the trainees learn. Instructors can guide from inside the classroom, across the hall, or across the globe.

Each trainee's progress is tracked and can be evaluated, scored, and stored. Past training session information can be recalled with the tap of a button and improvement can be shown in relation to previous sessions.


MXTreality will bring your instructors up to speed on how to operate the hardware and software of the training platform, and we will guide them through the specifics of the driving, scoring, and evaluation features which are all controlled through a user friendly interface.

We offer ongoing support, and are able to produce and integrate updates as requested. Your instructors will consider the platform an exciting, easy to navigate component of training your drivers. Your trainees will hit the road with more clarity, confidence, and resolve.


Train your drivers to represent your organization with the same consideration you have extended to them through preparing each individual for what they will encounter throughout their work.


Efficient. Effective. Economical.



3D modeling of vehicles to explicit specs and environments that reflect real world components



Everything needed to run is included. No need to fret over specs!


We guide your instructors to learn to handle the platform quickly and simply, with ongoing support.



Consulting, Story boarding, Prototyping, 

& Consistent Client Feedback


Evaluation, Scoring, Improvement; all tracked, stored, and reviewed with ease

Just imagine how driving simulators

can be utilized for your training purposes.


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