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Isn't about time you differentiated yourself from the competition?

How about an Augmented Reality (AR) app, that is fun, informational, and makes users remember why you offer the best beer!

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Interactive Tasting App

Want more customer

We've taken the key elements of beer tasting and put them into an app that's as informative as it is fun.

Consumers can learn about tasting, about your beers and about how to have a better experience while drinking - from knowing the difference between a stout and a porter, to comparing smells with a connoisseur, to seeing their bottle spring to life!

DATA: how much do you know about your

Can you answer:

* Do millennials prefer your IPA or your Hefe?

* Why do people from Seattle like a citrus beer in the summer?

* Does adding the word "bacon" to the tasting notes sell more beer?

We track all this data and more, to help you know your customers, deliver better products, and sell more beer!

Will adding AR sell more

In all honesty, we don't know... yet!

What we do know is that AR (and ARkit) is a very hot topic, that we can develop and integrate into our solutions, and we can combine these functions with others to ensure you have a very distinctive competitive advantage.

To see a demo, play with our AR app, or simply for more beer related info,

contact us at  MoreBeer @

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