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Sip & Puff


AT buttons

Head Array


PC Monitors


Our Goal is to Increase Independent Learning

As Measured by an Increase in Confidence

& a Decrease in Accidents

By Building a Practice Anywhere Virtual Trainer

MXT together with the TSF are collaboratively building a Virtual Wheelchair Training Experience for both the medical & out-patient community.  


Wheelchair Basics & Mechanics

FIVE Gamified Movement Training Levels

And the possibility of data capture, reporting & certification

Teaches safe wheelchair operation using a variety of Assistive Technology (AT) peripherals, along with controls, limitations, emergency actions, and extended real world scenarios.

Practice Like Never Before

5 Steps To Get Started

  1. Contact us for the Trial Version

  2. Download and click install

  3. Plug in your AT

  4. If using VR, plug that into your PC (optional)

  5. Launch program

Our solution is currently in ALPHA mode, so is not suitable for everyone.

We've built the solution in our spare time based on first hand knowledge that this solution is needed.

We are openly looking to secure funding to ensure dedicated resources to finish the project and make a difference in the lives of so many.  We will endeavor to complete the project irrespective, but if you can help, please let us know.

5 Levels & Counting

New Levels Coming Soon

  • Assessments, Reports & Certifications

  • Gaming (Boosters, Vehicles, Danger, Pac-Man)

  • Coach Mode to help Personal Growth & Build Community

  • Empathy Mode for Friends & Family

  • & So Much more is possible!

If you have ideas, or want to help...

Simulation Training

Wheelchair VR

Imagine how virtual wheelchair training could benefit you, your family, and your organization


We'd love to hear your thoughts.


Give us a call at

1-844-697-2333 or Send Us a Message Below!

Development is only possible through the collaboration and support of so many.

Special thanks to:

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Jesse Collins

Tyler Schrenk

Dylan Breslin

Michelle Buswinka

Amy Noonan

Leslie Fox

Rob Ferguson

Randy Huzinec

Erin Muston-Firsch

This isn't our only WheelChair and Assistive Tech solution.

If you'd like to learn more, please contact us anytime!

         2414 SW ANDOVER ST, STE D-101, SEATTLE, WA 98106 | Tel: 1-844-697-2333

         The Courtyard, 4 Evelyn Road, London, W4 5JL | Tel: +44 203-633-5450 

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